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The start of life in my eyes


I was born in 1961 on the 1st of March in BrightonGeneralHospital, Elm Grove.

My early years of life are almost a total mystery to me as I like to say I was brain dead what memory’s I do have are few and far between until my early teens, my first school was Carden Primary School Carden Av, Hollingbury, Brighton. duo to me having learning difficulties I had a special tauter come in twice a week to help me with my reading in 6 months the only book I managed to get through was a lady bird book “The Cat” and that’s the only two words in the book now bearing in mind this tauter spent 60 mints of her time twice a week trying to teach me “The Cat” and when she thought at last he said it and started to get another book out and just before we started a new book shed turn to me and ask what dose the book say “The Cat” but to me the words might as well been double Dutch because I could not fathom what the letter “T” was let alone the sentence “The Cat” so after 6 months on the same book the tauter lost potions with me called me useless and through her books at me, thankfully tauter’s have a better understanding of the many differing types of learning difficulties today “Word Blindness” being one of them thankfully I’m not so blind today but I still have miner issues with spelling anyway after Carden Primary School I was sent to a special school for children with learning difficulties or as they used to say back in those days “A Backwards School” called Woodside the school is new named Queensdown School, my finishing school was Uplands School witch has also been re-named, my first job leaving school was at the University of Brighton on the Lewes Rd in the kitchens as a KP.


Back to my early teens, around the age of 12/13 I started cross dressing and over time it became such a necessity to wear the cloths of the female gender I started pilfering cloths from washing lines to feel at one with my inner self, I remember those days very clearly and how it felt to be in the cloths it was a release a fulfillment as if I was the girl in the cloths, I can understand some people even now may think I’m a sick twisted disturbed person but believe me until you face up to your own deep seated secrets your never truly understand who you truthfully are yourselves, thankfully I’m not the only one who cross-dresses and enjoys wearing the cloths of the female gender but lets be fear they are just cloths they dote changed the person wearing them they dote make you female or male twisted or disturbed because every one of use have a fetishes of one kind or another something that helps use feel good about who we are or what we are or what we would like to be the deferent’s between you and me is I’m open with my issues and I’m not afraid to shear my little kinks, one thing I’ve learnt over the years its better to be open than keeping it in the dark because its harder dealing with your issues and who cares what others think just be yourself be happy your normal and not sad.


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