XXY Friends

Canice, a member of OII Australia, founded and runs a thriving and friendly community of XXY people on Facebook.

XXY Friends is a safe hangout for our community totally free of ridicule and harassment and we would ask all new members to respect this…

If you’re still interested in checking us out we will need a couple of words from you letting us know your interest in XXY and why you would like to be a part of this progressive community.

The group is undergoing a trial as a “closed” rather than “secret” group, and it’s open to people with XXY and related diagnoses, and parents or carers. The group can be found athttps://www.facebook.com/groups/xxyfriends/

47,XXY is a genetic variation where a person has an extra sex chromosome. Women usually have 46 chromosomes, including XX sex chromosomes. Men usually have 46 chromosomes, including XY sex chromosomes. 47,XXY is sometimes diagnosed as Klinefelters Syndrome.